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Mike was asked to entertain
The Stereophonics at their End of World Tour party at the O2 Arena.


Mike was chosen to entertain high profile guests at The Royal Albert Hall during a recent glittering Charity Ball.


Sir Richard Branson insisted Michael
was the prime entertainer onboard
Virgin's inaugural flight to Las Vegas.

MICHAEL FAIRALL Close-up Magician

"Let's get this guy booked A.S.A.P."
Kelly Jones, Stereophonics.

"An excellent entertainer!"
Jonathan Ross.

Michael Fairall is one of the most in-demand professional close-up magicians in the country today. Few people have witnessed an excellent close-up magician..... Mike is such a performer. He has dedicated his whole life to the art of sleight of hand and is greatly respected by The Magic Circle.

Experience Michael's infectious sense of humour and incredible comic timing. Believe in the impossible with entertainment your guests will never forget!

With over twenty years experience performing at weddings, film premiers, birthday parties and high profile corporate engagements, Michael is always the perfect choice. If it's a magician you want - Michael Fairall is ready for you!

Some of Michaels professional highlights include:

Mike was hand-picked to entertain high profile guests including Sir Michael Caine, Uma Thurman and Gordon Ramsey at the top tables in The Royal Albert Hall during a recent glittering NSPCC Charity Ball.

Selected by the makers of Harry Potter, Michael was chosen to perform on the film set with the cast, crew and entire world's press at the launch of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Michael has stopped clocks on New Year's Eve at London's Annabel's and was called "a genius" by management, as he continued to amaze guests well into the New Year.