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Corporate Magic - HITS THE SPOT

Close-up Magic in the corporate field is un-paralleled to any other entertainment. It reaches out to the cleverest business men and woman and sets the magician on a level playing field. As an ice breaker or form of entertainment, Close-up Magic hits the spot.

As an accomplished magician Michael Fairall is very much at home in the corporate sector, working for just about every Blue Chip Company in the UK Using a steady mix of NLP and Sleight of hand Michael is able to produce extremely convincing magic that fits perfectly.

Dear Michael
I just wanted to express my thanks for your impressive performance last Thursday night at our global sales kick Off. I've lost count of the number of people who have since expressed their amazement at your magical prowess. Given that sales people in general are a challenging audience to please, I think your performance speaks volumes.
I certainly hope we have the opportunity to use your services again next year.
Thank you once again
Kind regards
Charles Saunders Head of Marketing - EMEA Systems Union