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Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic

There really is nothing better than a Close-up Magician at your private party
Here is how it works.
You hire Michael Fairall for the evening; he will be just like another guest at your function, but he will be dressed immaculately and perform the most outstanding magic you have ever seen.

Michael will make an on the spot decision and quickly decide just which magic to perform for you. The balance has to be just right; a wedding would require a gentle approach with eloquence and, charming stunning magic.
40th birthday for example would need a more relaxed attitude with direct cool magic.

A summer garden party requires a social feel with magic that would produce happy smiling faces and applause, maybe even something for the children.


Mike has performed at countless Weddings producing a bespoke act always with rave reviews.
At your Wedding, believe me you need just the right magician, a great ice breaker after the service while you have your photographs taken.

During the wedding breakfast creating laughter and noises of astonishment, When the formal bit is over and ties are loosened; Mike will change direction and create a whole different feeling to his magic, using knives, forks, cups, napkins, he may make a Champagne bottle melt through the centre of a table before your eyes or your signed card appear on the ceiling, even read your mind like Derren Brown and bend forks like Uri Geller.

There is no question, the addition of Michael Fairall will set your wedding apart from others and cement a great time in your guests memory banks forever.